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Welcome to Pho3nix Fitness

Professional, certified fitness and nutrition programs designed to help you reach and maintain your health and fitness goals. Whether you prefer online fitness or in-person training, we have a program that suits your needs.


Join us today and take the first step towards a healthier you!

Pho3nixstudio trainer

At Pho3nix, we believe that fitness is a journey, not a destination. We are here to support you every step of the way. Knowledgable and experienced, with nutrition workshops designed to help you fuel your body right.


Join our fitness community today and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you!

"Thank you so much for 1-1 Personal Training.
I can really see core results coming & as a Mom of 2 this is what I wanted!" 
- Mina | ON, Canada
"Loving the nutrition plan and the fitness. I was so scared after I had my c section that I wouldn't be able to do it & been so scared to exercise but you have made the return process so easy. Thanking you so so much." 

- Charlotte | Essex, UK
"Thank you for your personal approach as a fitness instructor in helping me come this far.  I am in better shape and feeling more confident about myself.
Thank you"  

- Sheila | Oakville ON 

“The only bad workout is the one that didn't happen.”

— Unknown

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